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Watch a slideshow of Student Art at AWE Studio
Established in 2007
by Artist/Educator
Janet Lia

AWE Studio's
motto is Art With Everyone because Artist/Educator Janet Lia is dedicated to helping children, teens, and adults from beginners to experienced artists achieve confidence creating beautiful drawings and paintings. We offer all types of art classes and private lessons from begining to advanced Workshops. Contact us today  for more details

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Janet Lia's unique method of
teaching drawing and painting by creating tonal spaces and colored forms instead of outlining alone, allows students to quickly produce advanced visual art. At AWE Studio, students not only learn classical drawing and painting techniques, they create original artwork from their imaginations!  

Drawing and Painting Classes at AWE Studio are small, personable, and limited to 8 students or Private Lessons. Janet's exclusive teaching style and classes cannot be found at other art classes in Seattle. Everyone succeeds artistically through supportive individual attention.

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