art classes seattle
Established in 2007
by Artist/Educator
Janet Lia

All Classes

Below is a list of classes offered at AWE Studio. If a class that you are interested in is not currently being offered, Contact Janet Lia and she will let you know when it will next be on the schedule.

Adult Beginner Charcoal Drawing
Charcoal Portrait Drawing Made Easy
Figure Drawing with Charcoal for Beginners
Pastel Landscape Drawing with Watercolor Under Painting
Drawing for Painters

Wet on Wet Watercolor Painting

Watercolor Glazing on Paper: Veil Painting
Traditional Watercolor Painting
Acrylic Painting
Oil Painting
Pastel Landscapes with Watercolor Under Painting

Home School Marionette Making for Children

Home School Marionette Performance for Children
Home Schooling for Parents: Creating Successful Lesson Planning
Home Schooling for Parents: How to Integrate Art and Academics

Lazure Painting: The Art of Painting Colored Glazes on Walls
Parent and Child Art Classes
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